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ARRA Energy and Water Conservation Projects at Ron de Lugo FOB & U.S. Courthouse

General Services Administration conducted in 2009 an energy and water audit at the Ron de Lugo FOB & U.S. Courthouse.  The results of this audit were analyzed and used as based for development and design of energy and water conservation projects. 

Energy Conservation - Lighting Fixtures Replacement

The Ron de Lugo building was constructed in 1972 and although a retrofit of some of the fixtures was made to T8 lamps and ballasts, it still had many of the original T12 lamps installed. Hence, it was necessary as part of the lighting fixture project to prepare a full building as-built (including floors layouts, reflected ceilings with lighting fixture types, and furniture layouts); approximately 87,000 square feet. 

Based on analyzed data and as-built information, the lighting consultant proceeded to establish a design criteria.  Design criteria was based on a 20% reduction over ASHRAE 90.1-2007; hence, the target was 0.96 w/sf. Other factors taken into account were foot-candles and interviews with end users conducted during field visits.

The results of work described above were used to prepare recommendations on Space Type Basis.  These recommendations specified type of fixture(s), drawing of proposed layout and installation of occupancy sensors and/or dimmers.  Calculations of savings and payback periods were also developed per agency space.  In all, it was calculated that recommendations would yield savings of 65% in annual total energy cost.

Water Conservation - Water Fixtures Replacement/Retrofit

Team analyzed alternatives available for equipment retrofit and/or complete replacement based on available budget, and to maximize savings and investment.  A set of bridging documents, including plans, construction cost estimates and equipment data sheets were prepared with instructions to contractor.  Total water savings of 34% gallons/year were calculated for this project.