ARRA Energy and Water Conservation Projects at Jose V. Toledo FOB & U.S. Courthouse

General Services Administration conducted in 2009 an energy and water audit at the Jose V. Toledo FOB & U.S. Courthouse.  The results of this audit were analyzed and used as based for development and design of energy conservation projects. 

Lighting Controls & Temperature Controls

Based on energy audit results, A/E team visited site to collect specific data of the lighting and ACV systems that would be addressed in the development of the controls energy conservation project. In addition, team met with maintenance personnel to get their input on the proposed project. 

For lighting controls, the designer proposed installation of multi-technology (infra-red & ultrasonic) occupancy sensor switch(es).  Depending on room square footage and light control configuration, designer developed specific instructions to bidder to include additional devices

For temperature controls project at courtrooms, the strategy was to reduce operational cost by modulating fresh air that the units process by installing new control dampers without affecting courtrooms pressurization.     

A set of bridging documents was prepared, including plans, technical specifications, instructions to bidder, equipment data sheets and construction cost estimates.