Sidewalks Repairs at Federico Degetau Federal Building

The main entrance to the complex required repairs to replace existing sidewalks concrete pavers, and design of new landscaping areas to enhance entrance aesthetics. Conceptually, architect and landscape architect wanted to create a new entrance plaza that would tie together the new and existing components of the complex entrance.  The team developed various alternatives to explore shapes, colors, surfacing materials and landscaping that would best embody the concept. 

Another important aspect of the project was the subject of sustainability.  All landscape material was carefully selected to use native and/or adaptive plants and trees that would require little or no irrigation.  These plants and trees were also selected for their contribution in creating habitats for pollinators species, such as native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Existing hardscape areas were reduced and replaced with new landscape areas that could contribute in reducing heat-island effect for the site. Onsite stormwater management was also addressed by re-grading and creating new detention ponds to collect rainwater and allow it to filter naturally into soil; hence, reducing impact over municipal sewer system.  Flagpole lighting was replaced to a new solar operated LED that is integrated in flagpole beacon, which helps reduce light pollution.  During the construction process, A/E along with owner GSA developed a donation plan to dispose of approximately 32,000 (+490,000 lbs.) concrete pavers that were removed from sidewalks and were in good condition.  These pavers were donated to various non-profit organizations that had a genuine need for their facilities.