International Institute of Tropical Forestry Sustainability Approach

The IITF Headquarter Building was built in 1942.  In 2003, after the building was found eligible for inclusion in the National Register for Historic Places, a complete reform/restore project was undertaken.  During the design process our team and Forest Service personnel saw the potential to include sustainable practices in the design with aims to certify the project under the LEED® rating system.

Sustainable highlights include:

  • Design of high-efficiency double glazing windows and doors to replicate historic originals.  Windows are operable to take advantage of natural ventilation if desired by user.
  • Install low-flow water fixtures to generate a 67% gallons/year reduction in potable water use.
  • Removal of all acoustical tiles to uncover original high ceilings and install new zone controlled efficient ACV system. Integrate natural ventilation at all corridors and lobby.
  • Improvements to building envelope and efficiency of new systems provided 36% reduction in energy consumption.
  • IITF established a recycling/donation program, where all existing aluminum windows were recycled and other materials, furnishings and equipment still in operable condition were donated; thus, significantly reducing waste to landfill.
  • Proposed design was able to reuse over 90% of building structure.


LEED v2.2 Scorecard:

Sustainable Sites                             7 of 14

Water Efficiency                               5 of 5

Energy & Atmosphere                    12 of 17

Materials & Resources                     3 of 13

Indoor Environmental Quality         10 of 15

Innovation                                         4 of 5

LEED Gold                                        41 points