Puerta de Tierra Master Planning

In 1865 the government of San Juan, Puerto Rico authorized the demolition of a portion of the historic city walls to expand the old city to Puerta de Tierra.  The Housing Department of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico commissioned the Master Plan of the district of Puerta de Tierra to renew and connect the deteriorated and abandoned urban district to the City Master Plan. The adjacency of major developments such as the Convention Center District, modernization of San Antonio Bridge & Esteves and the Waterfront Redevelopment provide new opportunities to the socially and economically deprived residents of this mixed use neighborhood.  The Master Plan evaluated the ownership and conditions of properties and buildings,  integrated the community council to define their needs and worked with representative of agencies and new developments to determine links and opportunities. The Master Plan layout a network of pedestrian and vehicular access that opens the community to achieve high level of connectivity to the surrounding developments, provides protection to historic properties, recommend acquisition of properties based on issues of safety and health and based on the needs of the community propose areas for parks and new developments.